Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mmmm, blueberry pie

We love blueberries, and we planted 15 blueberry bushes this spring. We won't be getting lots of berries from them for another year or two. We've only gotten about 20 blueberries this year! That didn't go very far in our family.

Last week we went to Beverly's aunt's farm to pick blueberries. They planted 200 bushes many, many years ago, and they produce huge quantities of blueberries. We left here about 6:00 so that we could pick early since it's been so hot. Everyone except Thomas had an ice cream bucket - Thomas fell asleep on the way there, and we let him sleep as long as he could. George picked almost a whole gallon, and Samuel added the few berries that he hadn't eaten, so the boys picked a gallon together. Anna and Delie each picked a gallon. Joy picked two gallons. And Beverly and I each picked a little over two gallons, so that we came home with about 10 gallons of blueberries in about 2 hours of picking!

We had blueberry pancakes for supper that night, and we froze the rest of the berries. Last night Joy made a blueberry pie. There's a pie baking contest at an upcoming homeschool picnic, and all the girls are planning to enter, so we get to enjoy them perfecting their pies until then. Joy's pie was delicious. As you can see, Thomas really enjoyed it too.