Saturday, January 28, 2012

Samuel's 1st tooth

Yesterday Samuel lost his first tooth!

He didn't know even it was loose untill we were eating lunch and

he lost it about thirty minutes later.


Happy 89th Birthday, Mama Em!

Every year, for four years, we have celebrated Mama Em's (Daddy's grandmother) birthday

by going to Aunt Emily's house and having a spa party.

Left to Right: Anna, Joy, Delie, Martha, and Elizabeth.

Washing Mama Em's feet.

Everyone together around the table.

Mama Em and Mamie.
Happy Birthday, Mama Em!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Over the river and through the woods... Mamie and Big George's house we go!
We spent the 22nd and 23rd with Daddy's family. From singing The 12 Days of Christmas to playing "Over" (hilarious!), we had some great family time with everyone.

The grandchildren in the family always dress up and "perform" the Christmas story.
We had a couple of the little ones back out at the last minute, but Win was happy to stand in as a Wise Man (and his wife, Liz, did a great job as a lamb, even when six year old "Joseph" accidentally hit her in the head with his staff.)

Delie, Anna, George, and I played some Christmas music at an assisted living home (Anna is behind the piano in the picture), and then I played the piano while all the grandchildren sang.

We've been taking music from the Smith family. Four of their daughters teach music, so George takes mandolin, Anna takes piano, and Delie and I take violin; all at the same time. Our teachers arranged a couple of hymns that we could all play together, and that has been very fun to do as a family.
This was our first time to have everyone together in several years, so we got a picture on the front porch.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas

Hello Everyone!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. December went by so fast this year, filled with get-togethers with family and friends. Here's a quick overview of what we've done over the last month:

We cut down two trees this year, but we don't have a good picture of the second.

The first turned out to be too big for our house - the living room looked like a forest when you first walked in - so we opted for a smaller one from the hundred that we planted a few years ago.

Oh, in case you noticed, Delie is taller than I am ;(

Our early Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy - a Snowball! Our three-legged Blue Heeler, Amos, died this summer, so we got a great Pyrenees puppy. Pyrenees are supposed to be great with children, chickens and goats, so Snowball met all our criteria.

On Christmas Eve, the boys camp out in our room, and in the morning we all sit on the front stairs and wait for Mommy and Daddy to come get us. All of us get what we call "Moss eyes" when we first wake up, and I think this picture really brings it out.

We took a two-night trip to Virginia between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Above is picture of ALL of the Moore, Moss, and Moody children in age order. Someone counted, and realized that we had exactly twelve boys and twelve girls in the house!

Our church came over for pizza on New Years Eve. We fellowshiped until midnight, and then some of us went outside to shoot some firecrackers - and some impromptu twirling under the security light :D

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!