Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Doings on (and off!) the Moss Farm

This is a quick update because I'm in a hurry. Lord willing, I'll do a picture blog post soon

We have been very busy here at the Moss home. We spent Wednesday and Thursday with Daddy's family in Brownsville. We got to see some family members we hadn't seen since Thanksgiving, so that was fun. With thirteen grandchildren under fourteen, there was always plenty of excitement. George and I take piano from Mamie (our grandmother name for Daddy's mother), and we had our piano recital yesterday.

Mommy's daddy, Paw Paw, is moving up here from MS! We have been helping him move, and we love his new house. We are very glad he is moving up here!

On Tuesday we went to Memphis for to see Mommy's O.B. for an ultrasound. We like to wait to wait for the baby to be born to find out if it is a boy/girl, but we loved getting to "see" the baby. We also went to Delie's doctor for her prosthesis.

On Monday we went to our pediatrician, and Samuel and William got shots. Samuel was such a brave boy, and he never cried. We were very proud of him. (It helped that he got to pick where we ate if he didn't cry. He picked Chick-fil-a!)

George and Daddy have joined a father/son Christian scouting-type program called ALERT Cadet, so on Saturday we went to a Christmas party to meet the other families in the group. The group is in Memphis, and Daddy would like to start a group closer to our home, so if you are interested in joining please let Daddy know.

Tomorrow we are having all our extended family that are in town out here for Christmas breakfast.

Oh, it's supposed to snow tonight. Not much, but maybe we'll have a white Christmas after all!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior!

Joy, for the Mosses