Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farm Life (by Joy)

We have had a very busy week. Our neighbor, Mr. Billy Joe had somebody bale our hay. We counted 37 bales.Each bale weighed about 1,600 pounds! That is not a misprint.We gave Mr. Billy Joe 70% of it.We went out after supper and got some cute pictures sitting on the hay bales.We all wore our Moss Beach Reunion 2008 T-shirts that we got at Gulf Shores, AL.

That same day Mr. Billy Joe brought us 27 chicks to keep! They were 3 or 4 days old.There are 2 blacks, 2 brown speckled, 1 golden,and 21 yellow chicks. One chick died. Boo hoo! We buried it.

Poor Amos,he must feel left out. Maggie, our cat is having kittens in 2 weeks. She is soooooo fat.

Our garden is coming along great. And I (Joy) have 5 kinds of herbs,Lavender,German Chamomile,Mint,Basil, and Dill. Thomas likes to play in this bucket of water while we work in the garden. Got2GO!