Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moore pictures

Yay! I finally got the pictures up. Thank you Daddy and Aunt Renie (

On the front porch. Front row: George, Samuel, Dobson, Daylie, Dandle. Second row: Daddy, Delie, Anna, Dain. Third row: Mommy, Me (Joy) , Thomas, Dane', Delane, Darbie. Back row: Delight, Uncle Shane, Demie, Aunt Edee.

Darbie riding the Zip Line.

( Left to right) George, Dain, and Darbie on the Trampoline.

Demie and Dane' playing the dulcimer and guitar.

We caught two frogs. They both died, so we had a funeral.

Christening pictures are on Aunt Emily's blog (


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching up (by Joy)

Hello Everybody,
Sorry we haven't blogged in so long. In the past couple of months:

>Anna won the pie contest. Toll House pie, yum!

>I went to a math conference with Daddy in Clarksville, TN.

>Our chickens are laying. Oh, and we (well, mostly Daddy) killed 6 of our roosters. We ate them.

>Our cat Maggie is pregnant again.

>Our dear friends, the Moores, came from Virginia and stayed 5 days. We had 19 people here.

>My cousin Amy was christened, and her older sister Martha had her third birthday.

I hope to add pictures, but Daddy hasn't taught me how yet. Hope to be back soon.