Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching up (by Joy)

Hello Everybody,
Sorry we haven't blogged in so long. In the past couple of months:

>Anna won the pie contest. Toll House pie, yum!

>I went to a math conference with Daddy in Clarksville, TN.

>Our chickens are laying. Oh, and we (well, mostly Daddy) killed 6 of our roosters. We ate them.

>Our cat Maggie is pregnant again.

>Our dear friends, the Moores, came from Virginia and stayed 5 days. We had 19 people here.

>My cousin Amy was christened, and her older sister Martha had her third birthday.

I hope to add pictures, but Daddy hasn't taught me how yet. Hope to be back soon.



Philip and Renie said...

Yeah! Here's how to add pictures. You know that big white box where you type your story? Just above that is a little symbol that looks like a picture. Click on it and it will ask how what you want to add as a picture. Browse to the file on your computer where your pictures are stored and select it. Whala!

The Schaefer Family said...

It's good to see your new post! I like keeping up with all of you. Keep them coming. Sounds like someone is teaching you girls how to cook. I need to teach my girls! Oh, I forgot, my husband doesn't think I'm a good cook! ha ha. Maybe ya'll can teach them!

The Schaefer Family said...

By the way, remind your father that your grandfather is a vet. He can keep your cat from getting pregnant!! smile...