Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1,000 Days on the Farm

Today we have had our farm 1,000 days.
And this is a little of what has happened.

Our neighbor baled our hay for us several times.

Amos, our three-legged dog came with the farm.

We got chickens the second summer on the farm.

We got a cat in April, 2008 and she multiplied by 20.
Attention: Free Kittens.
We got two goats this summer, named Dottie and Chocolate.

We planted a big garden.

And some herbs.

We planted 100 Christmas trees.

We also planted 45 blueberry bushes.

We now have two more children, Thomas and William.

We have taken walks,

and ridden bikes.

Last year we had a big snow.

It is beautiful!