Wednesday, November 24, 2010

George's Star Buck

Last Saturday George shot his first deer. It is an eight point. (For all you non-hunters that is a really big deer!) He is eight years old, so we tell him he'll have to shoot a fifty point when he's fifty.

The proud hunter, George with his extremely proud brother, Samuel.

Daddy and the boys. (And, of course, the deer.)

The boys and Big George. George was hunting with Big George when he shot the deer.

George's notes:
We were about to get down when he walked out. He was on the other side of the field (about 200 yards). It took about 5 minutes for him to come to the other side where we were. When he was about 25 yards away I shot at him and missed him. (I brought 4 bullets). Then Big George put a bullet in the gun. The deer just stood there. I shot again and he fell down. We got down and I shot him. He kept breathing. I shot him for the last time. He was dead.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moore visit: Part 2

The Moores have come back through, and we have immensely enjoyed their visit. This year we celebrated the tenth anniversary that our families have known each other.
Now, after ten blessed years-and nine more children-we celebrated our tenth anniversary with pizza and cake.

One night Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Edee, and Uncle Shane went out for sushi. We had a great time here, eating burritos, talking, taking care of little ones, and watching a bird documentary.

We went down to the pond to fish on Sunday afternoon.

Sweet Delight, resting on the picnic blanket.

We played some football, as well as kickball, tag, Fox and Geese; we rode on the zip line and jumped on the trampoline.

We also played Whoonu, a fun personality game. Although we knew them very well beforehand, we learned a lot about the Moores as we played.

On Sunday we hosted our home church meeting. One family was sick, so only the Dawsons were able to come. This is a picture of combined Moss, Moore, and Dawson girls-minus Joy (behind the camera) and Delight.

We miss you already, Moores!

Philippians 1:3