Friday, October 31, 2014

Bible Bee Update

Those of you who watched Delie this afternoon already know, but for those of you who didn't (poor you), she did GREAT!!!  She flawlessly quoted every passage given to her and, more importantly, she did it with joy and to the glory of God.  I was so blessed to hear her proclaim God's Word.

Although she did not miss a single word on stage, her preliminary test scores were not quite high enough for finals.  Instead, she, along with Samuel and Thomas, have something very exciting tomorrow!  (I'm not sure if I can say what, due to confidentiality agreements--I'll keep you posted if I can).

However, I highly recommend that you watch some of the finals tomorrow.  Every single one of the finalists is amazing, and such an encouragement to be around.  Plus, we know at least one person on every division--so help me cheer on Abigail in Primaries, Carrie-Grace in Juniors, and Daniel in Seniors!

Lots of pictures to come once we get back home. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drumroll, please

After a wonderful (albeit nerve-racking) day of testing, we were thrilled to discover that...


(I'm very excited for her, if you can't tell from the punctuation.)

For those unlearned in Bible Bee, this means that she placed in the top fifteen in her age division and will compete tomorrow on stage!  If you're in the area, you are welcome to come and watch her, but if you're not, you can watch a free webcast of the competition.  Just go to the Bible Bee website ( and click on the big "watch now" button.  She's in the Senior division, so be sure to catch her tomorrow afternoon!

Until tomorrow,

You know you're in Bible Bee when...

...your idea of a Disney vacation is taking an hour-long test on the book of Nahum.

Hi, y'all,
Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday.  Life was crazy, and when it wasn't we were studying, visiting with friends, and eating supper in downtown Disney (which really is magical after dark).  Yesterday was registration day, so all we had to do was sign a bunch of papers and get settled in.  But today...well, today is the day of THE TEST.  In just a few minutes Delie and I head down to take our written test with a hundred other brothers and sisters in Christ.  We're excited.  We're nervous.  We feel unprepared.  And we really want to give God the glory.

Please pray...
For Anna, Samuel, and Thomas who are already taking their written and oral tests.
For Delie and I as we head downstairs to do the same.
For all the other contestants who have become such dear friends and encouragers over the past few months.
For all the Bible Bee staff members who have organized all this.
And that God would be glorified in whatever we do and say.

Last night we got together with a group of other contestants, and as we fellowshipped and prayed with one another, I realized that that is a picture of what the Bible Bee really stands for--encouraging and equipping believers to do God's work.

Now it's time to go live out all that I just wrote.

P.S.  Check back tonight to see if we or any of our friends advanced to the next round--if they do, you can watch it live via webcast!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bible Bee Locals 2014 (and yet another time when the Moss family hits the road)

If you know our family at all over the past three years, then you know that we are very involved in the National Bible Bee.  We love its focus on family discipleship and God's Word--and I really like that we all get to do it together!

After studying the book of Jonah and memorizing passages that crossreference to it, Thomas, Samuel, George, Anna, Delie, and I (Joy) competed in the local competition held in August (and, yes, I realize that this is a couple of months overdue--where did the year go?).  Everyone did very well, and we are thrilled that five of us scored high enough to compete in the national competition...this week!

So we are packing, reviewing verses, studying Nahum and reviewing Jonah, and getting ready to head out to Orlando, FL tonight.  Stay tuned for pictures of five people trying to recite verse in the van without driving everyone else insane, driving through the night, and other assorted craziness.

We plan to blog almost daily--we'll see how that goes--so check back tomorrow!  Now I need to go review verses, wash dishes, pack cameras...oh never mind.  The more I type, the longer my list grows, so I should probably go. :)

Until Orlando,