Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farm Life (by Joy)

We have had a very busy week. Our neighbor, Mr. Billy Joe had somebody bale our hay. We counted 37 bales.Each bale weighed about 1,600 pounds! That is not a misprint.We gave Mr. Billy Joe 70% of it.We went out after supper and got some cute pictures sitting on the hay bales.We all wore our Moss Beach Reunion 2008 T-shirts that we got at Gulf Shores, AL.

That same day Mr. Billy Joe brought us 27 chicks to keep! They were 3 or 4 days old.There are 2 blacks, 2 brown speckled, 1 golden,and 21 yellow chicks. One chick died. Boo hoo! We buried it.

Poor Amos,he must feel left out. Maggie, our cat is having kittens in 2 weeks. She is soooooo fat.

Our garden is coming along great. And I (Joy) have 5 kinds of herbs,Lavender,German Chamomile,Mint,Basil, and Dill. Thomas likes to play in this bucket of water while we work in the garden. Got2GO!


The Bizzells said...

Great job Joy! We love the photos of you all. Thanks for updating everyone.

Philip and Renie said...

What a wonderful post, Joy! Thank you for sharing all the fun on the Moss Farm!