Monday, January 9, 2012

Over the river and through the woods... Mamie and Big George's house we go!
We spent the 22nd and 23rd with Daddy's family. From singing The 12 Days of Christmas to playing "Over" (hilarious!), we had some great family time with everyone.

The grandchildren in the family always dress up and "perform" the Christmas story.
We had a couple of the little ones back out at the last minute, but Win was happy to stand in as a Wise Man (and his wife, Liz, did a great job as a lamb, even when six year old "Joseph" accidentally hit her in the head with his staff.)

Delie, Anna, George, and I played some Christmas music at an assisted living home (Anna is behind the piano in the picture), and then I played the piano while all the grandchildren sang.

We've been taking music from the Smith family. Four of their daughters teach music, so George takes mandolin, Anna takes piano, and Delie and I take violin; all at the same time. Our teachers arranged a couple of hymns that we could all play together, and that has been very fun to do as a family.
This was our first time to have everyone together in several years, so we got a picture on the front porch.


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