Thursday, November 8, 2007

this week

We've had sort of an eventful week even though we haven't gone anywhere since Sunday. Georgie and Anna both got sick in the night on Sunday. They seemed to be better even by Monday morning, though, and nobody else got sick then.

Monday night just after we finished supper, a storm knocked the power out. It flickered a couple of times before it went out for good, so we had time to get flashlights ready. The children thought it was great fun to light candles. We cleaned up the kitchen by candlelight and then read for a long time. We try to keep most of our evenings pretty quiet, and having the lights go out made things even quieter than usual. Fortunately the power came back on before we went to bed.

George got sick in the night again Tuesday night. Delie and Anna also got sick Wednesday morning. That was a big disappointment because Delie was planning on going to ballet class for the first time on Wednesday. Everyone was much better by Wednesday night, and no one has gotten sick today. We pray that they don't start again in the night tonight.

Other than that, not much has happened this week.


Philip and Renie said...

Yikes! When a bug hits your house it's like a plague! Hope everyone is feeling better now. We love y'all!

Camille Gross said...

Beverly and George and family,

I have followed Delie's progress and have had you all in my prayers. She is a very brave and beautiful little girl with a very loving and supportive family.

The art work is GREAT!!
Love to all, Camille Chapman Gross (your cousin!!)

Connie said...

We loved the pictures from everyone. They are very good. Glad the Moss Family is feeeling better after the "bug". We are very glad that Delie's progress is going smoothly. All of the Moss's in the Parker's prayers
Love, Jack and Connie