Sunday, December 9, 2007

Delie's big week

Tomorrow is Delie's birthday! She'll be turning 9. She's excited about her birthday, but I think she's even more excited about Friday. That's the day she gets her prosthetic eye put in. It's supposed to be an easy process for her. The hard part was done when they removed her eye almost two months ago. At that point they prepared her eye socket for the artificial eye. Now that the swelling from the surgery has gone down completely, she's ready for the eye. We go to the ocularist Friday morning. They'll spend all day creating they eye and painting it to look like her other eye, and then they'll put it in Friday afternoon - no surgery involved. Please pray that everything goes as smoothly as we expect it to. We'll let you know how it goes.

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Philip and Renie said...

I saw a newstory this weekend on a little boy about Georgie's age who had lost an eye due to a cancer. He was a little golf prodigy, shadowing some bigwig golfers on the PGA tour. They showed him playing on the course and you could not see any difference between the two eyes. Science is amazing! We'll be praying for y'all and wishing Delie a big happy birthday today. Tell her that her Aunt Renie is craving icing and wishes she could be there to celebrate with her!