Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Cream

We put vanilla, peppermint flavoring and green food dye in it.

Today we put peppermint and cocoa mix in it, (we added sugar and milk both times, too.)

But we don't have any pictures from today.

It Snowed on January 30-February 1, and it snowed yesterday. Today it was good for snow men and snow balls. We got at least 6 inches. We had a lot of fun sledding and eating snow (and snow cream.)

George IV age 7 1/2


the Moores said...

What a beautiful snow! We know y'all must've enjoyed it! We like the flavoring ideas for snow cream...we'll have to try it!
We love you all!

The Moores said...

The snow cream looks good! We might try that. Some of us have put orange flavoring in ours. It is good.We like it. We love you all sooooooo much.