Sunday, April 25, 2010

We're kidding!

We had a kid this Thursday! Our Nubian/Alpine doe had an adorable baby girl. Her name is Cinnamon, and she looks like cinnamon toast! She is very cute and very friendly. Her father is a Nubian, and she definitely has that Nubian look. Here is a picture of Cinnamon and me:
Her mama, Chocolate is a very attentive mama and follows her everywhere.She is also very protective, and she gets very upset (much more than the kid) when we pick the kid up.

Our pregnant doe, Dottie, was rather jealous of the new baby kid, so we had to work with her on not butting Cinnamon. She's better about it now.
We like Cinnamon!

She is so sweet. I wish you all could see her, hold her, and play with her. Lord willing, I'll soon be able to blog about our other doe's kid/s.

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Renie said...

Way to go, Joy! This means we are a wee bit closer to making Aunt Renie herbed goat cheese, right?