Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moore visit: Part 1

Our very dear friends, the Moore family, came to see us on their trip to TX. We had a good time of fellowship. We went to my cousin's birthday party and got a good picture of the 20+ Mosses and Moores on the playground.

The boys played ball the day they left. We girls talked a lot, as well as playing Capture the Flag and Fox and Geese with the boys. (No pictures.)

The Moores are now on their way back from the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival
(Check out their documentary, Children are a Blessing, at Moore Family Films.)
We will miss you all, Moores, and we can't wait to see you tonight!


The Munck Family said...

What a wonderful fellowship with friends! And what a big group of children ...your very blessed!

I was very excited to see your post, Arthur and I were just speaking of your family the other day.

darbie said...

Hi Mosses! We Had such a wonderful time at Ya'lls house!! We can"t wait to see ya'll! We miss ya'll!
Darbie Lee

Daylie said...

dear sweet friends,
we already miss you all. we made it home safely lastnight thak god. what did you all do today? we had such a good time at your house. thank you all for giving us your beds. that was soooo all are such a good example to us. thank you all for that. lastnight we ware welcomeed to a nice and tidy home. we love you all and miss you all.
love daylie grace