Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mommy...

Mommy just celebrated her birthday! Our friends from Virginia, the Moores, came up for Daddy's fall break to celebrate with us. Every year, for Mommy's birthday, we like to take a day trip to a state park or historic site, because the weather is so beautiful. This year, we went to Reelfoot Lake State Park.

Eagles migrate to the lake every January and February. There are also a couple in captivity at the lake (like the one above).

Reelfoot has a museum about Indian life and the earthquake that formed the lake during the winter of 1811-1812.

George, Dobson, and Dain on the boardwalk by the lake.

It was really neat to see all the beauty of God's creation at Reelfoot Lake. I told Mommy that I would like to decorate my house with those colors some day. God's diverse creation is so amazing. When we visit the Moores, they have mountains and caves; when they come here, we have cotton and cypress trees.

When we last went to Reelfoot, we found a little secluded beach area, where we were the only people. We went there again with the Moores, and ended up spending most of our afternoon there.

William and Dabney enjoyed playing by the lake. Those two are so cute together.

Going back to the vans.

After Reelfoot, we went to Mommy's favorite pizza place - Alvino's! They serve the best pizza in Tennessee, and we had been wanting to take the Moores there. We practically took up the whole restaurant. You know you're a large family when you have to bring in lawn chairs from the van to seat everyone:) (and we still held some of the smaller ones in our laps).

We ended up standing out in the parking for a while, talking - a typical Moore/Moss day!


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Darbie said...

Hi Mosses! We miss you all. We had such a good time with you all. We always cherish the time we get to spend with your family. Love,
Darbie Lee