Saturday, December 3, 2011

The National Bible Bee, Nashville, TN

Back in November, our family was very blessed to be able to attend the National Bible Bee, held in Nashville, TN. Daddy's aunt and uncle let us stay in their home and we drove back and forth to the Bee.

The 2011 National Bible Bee and Family Discipleship conference's goal is to encourage fathers to lead their families in studying the Word. The competition- similar to the spelling bee- was amazing! Children in three different age categories Quoted hundreds of verses to win the prize. We didn't get any pictures of the competition, but it was very impressive!

Anna took this picture of James on the way there. Isn't he the cutest little baby in the world?! (But maybe I'm a bit prejudiced:) )

Samuel and Thomas eating lunch. A few of us were comparing the nutrition facts on our individual bags of chips, and Cheetos lost. ;)

We really liked all the Bible teachers that we heard at the Bible Bee. Besides Voddie Baucham(above), Doug Phillips, Kirk Cameron, Brett Harris, and John Stonestreet were some of the speakers there.

Some of our favorite musicians were there, too. We were glad to meet Nathan Clark George and the Wissmanns during the course of the Bee.

Something else that I really liked were the plays. A very talented family, the Hendrys, did four of them about Corrie ten Boom, Anna Jackson, Max Rossvally, and hymn writers Fanny Crosby and Ira D. Sankey (above). Their family writes the plays, performs, and does the costumes and music.

There were classes on how to interpret scripture into art by calligrapher Timothy Botts.

The Bible Bee also had a family fun room that George and Samuel enjoyed. Above, Samuel is doing the "Flying Turtles".

George on the rock climbing wall. Incidentally, he pulled a muscle and ended up going to the ER the day after we got home because we thought it was his appendix! We are very thankful and relieved.

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