Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Recital

Last Saturday, Delie, Anna, George, and I had our spring recital.  This year we took music from the Smith family, and really enjoyed it.  Even the little boys enjoy going to their house, because they get to play with the Smiths' cousin, Olivia. 

This is a picture of most of the students (a couple left before it was taken).  The Smiths teach harp, violin, piano, and mandolin, and I enjoyed the wide range of music, from fiddle tunes to Beethoven to The Lonely Goatherd.

George and Delie with their teachers, Miss Amanda and Miss Emily 

Anna and me (Joy) with our teachers, Miss Melissa and Miss Sarah

For more pictures and a video of us playing our piece, go to the Smiths' blog, 11 Smiths. Our video is eighth from the top.

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