Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bible Bee

Yesterday our family hosted the Jackson Area Bible Bee.  We are all excited to be finished, but a little sad, too.  As Daddy said at the opening ceremony, "What are we going to talk about now that the Bible Bee is over?"  Thankfully, even though the bee is over, we will never be done studying and memorizing the word of God!
 Our friends, the Smith family, came for the day to help with the judging.  The contestants were not allowed to have cameras at any point during the contest, so you can visit their blog for more pictures.
P.S.  On Wednesday, we'll find out if anyone from our bee is going to the national competition, so I hope to blog about that later this week.


The Munck Family said...

Hiw exciting Moss Family! We saw the pictures from the Smith Family blog....congratulations to each of you! What a wonderful way to have spent your summer ...and we look forward to seeing who gets to advance.

We think of your family often, and hope we can visit with you soon. It has been way to long!
Blessing in Him~
The Muncks

AndrewMossSmith said...

That's awesome! I read the Smith blog and the news article online. Sounds like quite a success. But more importantly, fruitful(: