Saturday, February 16, 2013

An Update

Hello everyone--anyone, actually, who is still checking our blog after an almost two months' silence. 

 Here's a quick update: 
The Farm 
The farm is being its usual Moss-y old self.  The chickens are producing twenty eggs a day, we just yesterday delivered two adorable (goat) kids, and the boys are building a tree house.  (It's in the not-so-secret Secret Place, to those of you who have explored our farm.)  I'm looking forward to planting our Spring garden.
Family Night
One of our recent family nights was a game night.  George asked to play Guesstures, and loved it!  He has a flair for the dramatic--which he gets from Mommy--so "hurt" was an easy word to enact.  He looks it, doesn't he?

What would a Moss Farm blog post be without a birthday?  The only problem is that not one of us was born in January or February.  However, our great-grandmother, Mama Em, had her ninetieth birthday this January, and we celebrated it with our annual Spa Night.  Normally, we paint nails, but this time we decided to paint something bigger--crosses.  It was, as always, a very special time.

Homeschooling is back to its normal abnormal state at our house.  A couple of weeks ago, Delie, Anna, George, Samuel, and Thomas participated in our local homeschool spelling bee.  They did a wonderful job, and Delie won!  We were all so excited--Mamie and Big George, Aunt Emily, and three of my cousins came, so she had by far the biggest fan club.  The next rung on the spelling bee ladder is the Memphis bee, so she has been studying for that.  

And in addition to all of that, we just celebrated Valentine's Day; went to the dentist, a major undertaking for a family our size; and George, Delie, Mommy, and Daddy have been training for a half-marathon.  Life is busy, but it's a restful kind of busy.  I'm so thankful that Mommy and Daddy have chosen to raise us in the way of Deuteronomy 6:1-9.  The LORD is our God!


Nichole Contente said...

Glad to see a new post! Congrats to Delie

Carissa Rose said...

Congratulations Delie!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Always glad to read an update -- congrats to Delie and happy birthday to Mama Em!