Monday, April 1, 2013

Bible Bee Registration

 The 2013 National Bible Bee opened for contestant registration today!  The contest is open to children who will be 7 to 18 on the national contest day, but younger siblings can use the materials, too.

For the local contest (June 1 - August 24) participants will use 25 memory cards (last year this was approximately 100 verses) and a Sword Study to help them do an in-depth study of one book of the Bible.  You can use these tools even if you aren't competing but we found that the contest provided a lot of motivation and a chance to get to know other Christians who share a desire to learn God's word.  It was a very good experience and we hope you look into it.  You can find out more at the Bible Bee website.

We are very excited to be hosting a local bee again this year.  (One of last year's family get-togethers is picured above.)  Seven contestants have already registered, but, thanks to the generosity of Union University, we can hold 193 more!  There are over 100 hosts across the nation; click here to find one near you.  It's not too late to sign up to host your own bee, but it probably will be soon.  We look forward to seeing who the Lord brings into our bee this year!
-Delie, for all the Mosses

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Carissa Rose said... siblings and I...are registered for the Bible Bee!!!! We are SUPER excited! This is our 3rd year of competing :D