Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mock Bible Bee

In the chapel
 Last Saturday we had our last Bible Bee event before the big day.  Six of our Bible Bee families joined us for a mock bee at Union (where we will be hosting the Local Bee next week).   Daddy talked about the rules, and gave an overview for the contest day.  After that, everyone took a test that we, along with a couple of other families, had written.

Nicolas G. handed out pencils for the written "test".

The A. family
Daddy also did an oral round.  He recited verses and we had to tell him what he did wrong.  Savannah A.  did so well that we told her she should drop out and just judge.  Mommy has already signed her up for judging in 2024. :D
Two of my five favorite brothers (Samuel and Thomas)
After a tour the facilities, we headed outside to let the little (and big) ones run around.   From hand-me-downs  to kefir to encouragement, these families bless us in so many ways.
Mr. R. and Daddy, Delie and Melody L.
And, of course, there was a lot of just talking.  I always look forward to seeing these families again!
William's smile says it all.  We are very excited about the Bible Bee next week.  I can't wait to see some of y'all there.

Oh, I nearly forgot!  Our local paper, the Jackson Sun, wrote an article about the upcoming Bee.  You can read it here.



The Munck Family said...

Our family is praying this weekend goes well, for your family and all the others participating in the Bee.

Deborah said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Joy, Delie, and Anna from all the Smiths!!! :)

Rachel Irene said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Joy, Delie, and Anna on making the cut to Nationals! :) You did great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! We are very excited (and a little overwhelmed). We would really appreciate your prayers.