Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dreaming of a white...March

A couple of weeks ago, we went to sleep to falling rain/ice and woke up to...


A winter wonderland is very rare around here, so of course we weren't content to simply view the outdoors from the comfort of the house; we had to go out and experience it! 

Even Mommy and John came out for a little while.

William and I got to try out the slopes together.  Oh, how I love this little boy!

George, Anna, and Delie--a.k.a. by their long-time nickname of the "Muddy Buddies"--got tired of plain old sledding and had to try standing up.  The bottom of the hill always looked like a proof of the domino effect, but they enjoyed it while it lasted!

Thomas loved sledding, and--true to his personality--the more unusual, the better!
Daddy and George raced
We were so glad that Daddy was able to stay home from work Monday and Tuesday.  Sledding, hot cocoa, and movie-watching is always that much better when Daddy is here.

We had a great mini vacation to "Colorado"--or the back field.  Our family will always remember this as the best sledding snow in Moss history and as a wonderful restful (sort of) time with each other. 



Helen C. said...

Oh, what great fun and beautiful pictures! We actually had a decent snow in Selma this year, which is an extremely rare occurrence. So glad y'all got to have fun sledding and such; love the ""Muddy Buddies" nickname and can only imagine the fun that trio has had "earning the title"! Much love to all of our cousins! Helen & Peggy

Moore Family Films said...

Oh how much fun it looks like you all had! We're glad you made a sweet and special memory. Thank you for sharing it with us, ad for posting the pictures! With love, Dane' and all the Moores