Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 4: Four Corners

As Joy said, we spent a wonderful night at Wetherill Inn.  Those beds felt really good!  After a yummy breakfast buffet, we hit the road for Four Corners.

Daddy kept our place in line while we looked at the various vending booths.  The Navajo jewelry is beautiful.  George bought a handmade arrow.  
When it was our turn to stand on the corners, we each posed.  (We plan to do a separate post with those pictures.)
After that Daddy and Mommy treated us to Navajo fry bread (pictured below) made by one of the vendors.

It was delicious--better than a doughnut!  (Or was I just hungry?)

We are now safely at Mesa Verde National Park.  Can you believe we're actually staying where we planned to?  The view here is breathtaking. Almost everyone else is in the tent now and I have a bug crawling on the screen, so I guess I'd better go.
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