Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Rockin' Tale of Snow White

Once upon a time, otherwise known as this summer, Samuel and Thomas were in a community musical of Snow White.  Because we're kin or like-kin to nearly half the town, it turned into a major family project.  My aunt directed, my grandparents designed some the scenery, two of my cousins were in the cast, and another was in the crew with George and myself.

We all had a great time making friends, rehearsing, and performing to a packed house (I love the small-town support--it felt like everyone turned out to cheer on the cast).

The cousinhood before the big night--a flower, a raccoon, a dwarf villager, and Prince Charming.  They had a great time hanging out in the theater basement with the other cast members.

Snow White had all the traditional characters...

...and some not-so-traditional ones.

George and I worked backstage with the crew.  He carried children, talked with other crew members through the headset, and moved sets.  I comforted the kids who had stage fright,  made sure all the props/children were in the right place at the right time, moved sets--and got trapped behind one of the castle walls when the lights came on too soon.

I have yet to learn how to take a decent selfie
We both corralled kids backstage (FYI, you cannot play hide and seek in the curtains; the audience will see you) and answered their questions (no, Samuel and Thomas are not my children; yes, you can borrow my script to look over your lines; no, George and I are not twins, etc. upon etc.).  I came home exhausted from rehearsals, but I loved (almost) every minute of it.

Thomas: Oh!  Look at Snow White!

A couple of the cast and I made the queen's chains with glow sticks :)
Samuel: Grab that evil woman and put her in chains!

"And they all lived...

...happily ever after."

The End
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Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!

The Moores said...

Hello Mosses!

We'd love to see an update soon. Hope all is well with you all.


DeLane said...

Are you ever going to blog again? We miss it!