Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kittens!!!! (and roosters)

We have kittens! This morning Daddy fed the chickens and cats, and when he came inside he told us we have kittens! We have three black ones, and two black and white ones. That's the same as last time. Exactly.

Today we went to Brownsville and visited all the family there. George, Anna, and Delie are still there. George went with Big George to "The Farm" , the family hunting farm, to take care of things there.

And that brings me to the roosters. I love chickens. In general. But I'm a little, well, scared of the roosters. Needless to say, I was glad when we killed six of the roosters in September. But we still have three more. Samuel and I went out there today to see if there were any eggs. We got three and were walking hand in hand back to the house when one of the roosters attacked Samuel. Well, it pecked him and flapped his wings and jumped. I picked up Samuel (we were both screaming) and we ran to the house. Oh, and tonight I am making rooster pot pie. Samuel says it will make him feel better. I hope so.


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Philip and Renie said...

Oh, Joy. You make me laugh! Glad the rooster pot pie was good. Those kittens look like my Atticus when he was a baby about eleven years ago now!