Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family Night

Every Friday night at the Moss farm is family night.  We used to do the traditional pizza and a movie, but lately we've been branching out.   A couple of weeks ago, we went to Jackson to eat at our favorite sushi restaurant and shop for a bike for Mommy.  Now everyone has a bike!

So last Friday, we went on a four-mile ride over our little country roads.  The weather was good, and the scenery was beautiful.  We would like to do it again, but with the heat up in triple digits, we might have to  postpone that plan.

After biking, we had a picnic supper, complete with watermelon and ice cream cones!  The boys loved the watermelon, in spite of -- or, perhaps, because of -- messy shirts and faces.

And whether it's fishing, board games, or watching a movie, the most important thing about it is family.

What do you like to do as a family?



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your family documentary from Moore Family Films. It is inspiring to see another family striving to live a life set apart from what is "normal" today, and a family focused on God. Have a blessed evening.

Mineral, VA

The Moss Family said...

Thank you, Jackie, for your kind words. We are glad you were encouraged.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mosses!
We miss you all. We hope you are having a good summer. We hope we can see you all soon.
Love, The Moores

Aunt Emily said...

I love to get to be with our family...especially ya'll! Such fun when we are together! God has blessed us so much!! I love you...Keep up the good blogging! Aunt Emily