Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Happy 12th Birthday, Anna!

 10 random facts about Anna:
  1. She has a very contagious laugh.  If she starts to giggle, every one else follows suit. 
  2. She likes (or should I say loves?) to read, especially fiction and biographies.
  3. Her favorite music group is the Wissman Family.
  4. Anna is a wonderful cook.  She makes the best whole wheat bread!
  5. Her favorite foods are strawberries and potatoes.
  6. She was born the day before we moved.
  7. She plays the piano almost constantly.  She enjoys transposing songs into minor keys.
  8. Anna has been studying for the Bible Bee, and her favorite part is the study of 2 Timothy.
  9. She prefers underwater swimming to overwater.  We hardly ever see her when we swim :). 
  10. She loves crafts, and her favorite store is Hobby Lobby. 
I love you, Anna!

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