Saturday, December 22, 2012


Last week, we went to Memphis for the day.  We shopped, ate lunch in the park, had the playground to ourselves, and toured the Pink Palace Museum.
Anna, Delie, and I rode on the tire swing.  This picture is going in our room--a sweet sister shot.  I love these girls!
I like this picture of Samuel against the blue sky.
 George and Mommy had fun on the monkey bars. 
 After lunch at the park, we went to the Pink Palace museum.  It has a large Christmas tree display this time of year; with themes from Charlie Brown to traditional to pink.  Thomas and Samuel liked the snowman tree (above).
My favorite tree was the Holly Polyhedra tree.  I guess that's because I'm Daddy's daughter. :)
I hope y'all are having a wonderful Christmas season. (And let me know if you decorate your tree with polyhedra--only a homeschooler would!)

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