Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday, Delie!

10 Random Facts about Delie
  1. Delie likes to cook; she especially enjoys sneaking spinach, celery, etc. into dishes.
  2. She enjoys photography. (It's difficult to find a good picture of her, because she's usually the one holding the camera!)
  3. Delie spent her fifth birthday in the hospital with a concussion--she's had more stitches than the rest of us put together. :(
  4. Her favorite instrument is the violin, and this year she has started teaching Thomas to play it.
  5. This fall, Delie competed in the National Bible Bee and placed 39th in her division!
  6. She is not a perfectionist, but she likes to do things well. (There is a difference!)
  7. Her favorite color is turquoise; the color is known in our house as "Delie  blue." 
  8. Delie's real name is Cordelia - an old family name - but all the Cordelias go by Delia (pronounced dee lee).  We shortened it to D-E-L-I-E.
  9. Waking up at 6:15 most days, Delie is the early bird of our family.
  10. She enjoys reading aloud, and is very talented--you should hear her British accent.  

 Happy 14th Birthday, Delie!
We love you,
(for Daddy, Mommy, Anna, George, Samuel, Thomas, William, and James)


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Delie!

Carissa Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Delie! I wish I could have met you at Nationals :D

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday Delie! Ashley likes to talk in a British accent, too :-)

The Moores said...

This is so sweet! Happy Birthday, Delie! We are sorry that your b-day e-mail was a little late. We love ya'll

Miss you all,