Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bible Bee Trip

We are back from our trip.We really enjoyed all of it.
All of the National Contestants received a medal.
 Here are George and Delie with theirs.
George, Samuel, and Thomas at the closing ceremony.
Thomas was so cute in his bowtie.  

This is the hotel we stayed in.
 On Saturday, we went to Cade's Cove. It was beautiful. There was a lot of wildlife. We saw nine deer, five turkeys, and two bears. 
We got to the Moore's house at 2:30am on Sunday. We really enjoyed getting to see them.
We were having too good of a time to take very many pictures.      
We enjoyed playing our instruments with them.
Have a good Thanksgiving!

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The Moore Family said...

We soooo enjoyed our visit with you all, and are already missing you all.
We are proud of you Delie and George!
We hope to see you again soon! We love you all.
The Moores.