Friday, May 31, 2013


Delie, Anna, George, and I had our music recital a couple of weeks ago. The four of us have been taking from the Smith family for two years, and we love it--especially because our teachers encourage us to play together. Thank you, Smiths!
The four of us played Send the Light.  (You can watch it here.)
George played the mandolin.  I really like the way it adds to our music. 
 Anna accompanied us on the piano.
I love playing the violin with Delie!

Anna and I also played a duet--Slavonic Dance.  We had fun playing together, but we collapsed after we finished :) .
I look forward to next year!

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The Munck Family said...

How exciting, and we think you did a wonderful we watched and listened on the Smith's blog :)
You are all very talented!

We pray for your family daily, and think of you all so often. Hope you are enjoying our lovely spring weather. Are you all traveling to Virginia anytime soon?

Have a blessed weekend,