Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day thoughts

 I have the best father in the world.  Period.  Yes, you may be thinking, but he's the only father you've ever had; I think my dad is better.  Wonderful!  That's as it should be.  I'm glad you love and admire your father so much.  But I really do have the best father in the world.  Unless you are one of my seven siblings, you just don't know what you are missing. 

My daddy is strong--strong in body, but more importantly, strong in character.  He is great at any sport he plays; the team with Daddy on it always wins.  But he is humble, never one to glorify himself or boast in his strength.

My daddy is wise, and he is passing on his wisdom to the next generation.  Be it at home or at work, he is teaching not only academics, but the knowledge of God.  I love to listen to people ask Daddy questions; when his students come for supper their talk is not always about math (although that is a major topic :D ), but about life--"Dr. Moss, what do you think about...?".   People respect his opinion.  So do I.

My daddy puts his family before himself, his jobs, his interests--before all except Christ. For instance, Daddy really likes football.  But you would never know it.  He never watches it (we don't have cable TV), never talks about it.  He has made a conscious decision to put his family before anything else.

My daddy is my protector, my knight in shining armor, the man who I can trust until that day when he gives me to another.  I always feel safe with him--safe both physically and spiritually.  He has my heart; there is no man I would rather trust it with.

My daddy is the leader of our family.  And he leads as Jesus did.  As a servant, washing others' feet.  He, with Mommy as his help meet, is raising my siblings and me up as arrows, to do great and mighty works for God.  He is a shining example of what godly fatherhood looks like.

My daddy loves the Lord, loves Him with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.  He wants to follow God, and he does. In dark valleys or over high mountains, he does God's will.  Even if God's will is scary, hard, or just plain strange, my father wants to follow his heavenly Father.

My daddy is my hero.  I love you, Daddy!



Stephanie said...

Oh Joy, what a beautiful tribute to your wonderful daddy! You and your siblings are lucky, indeed!

Dana Lewis said...

What an amazing tribute! You children are surely blessed!