Saturday, November 16, 2013

My baby (by James)

It's me again, James (if by any remote chance my name happened to slip your brain).  Today I want to tell you about my baby.  Baby John is the most sweetest baby there everest was.  (Joy, who cares if that sentence is not grammatically correct?  Bring on the adjectives!)  He's only ten days old, but I can't imagine life without this little guy.  How did I spend my time before I was wrapped around his tiny fingers?  Oh, I remember.  Sleeping.  That must be it, because I sure don't remember any of it.
But you want to see more pictures of John, don't you?  Okay, here's one of all of us at the hospital. 
 The hospital was a lot of fun!  The floor makes a loud noise when you stomp on it and the couch has this really fun windowsill behind it, perfect for a hideout.  Plus, Mommy's bed had some really neat buttons.  My favorite one was the one that makes a nurse say, "Can I help you?".  (I found that one all by myself.  Am I the next Albert Einstein or what?  For some reason no one else was very thrilled at my discovery.)
As fun as the hospital was, I'm glad that we're all back together again.  I've missed Mommy and Daddy. 
This is my baby. I love, love, LOVE him!  I wake up in the morning and ask for him, and at night I always have a big kiss especially for him, and during the day I fight with my siblings for who gets to hold him.  I remind them, "He's everybody's baby,"--but I conveniently forget that when they try to take him away from me.

He's my baby.

Was there ever any doubt?


Stephanie said...

That is absolutely precious! I can't believe how big James is already! Hoping to see y'all at Thanksgiving.

Dana Lewis said...

So precious!!