Friday, December 20, 2013

The Perfectly (im)Perfect Tree

Our family has lots of Christmas traditions.  From racing to be the first to shout, "Merry Christmas, Christmas gift!" to acting out the Christmas story with our younger cousins to all eight of us (John excluded) sleeping in the girls' room Christmas Eve night.
But one of my (many, many) favorites is the cutting the tree.
  (Editor's note:  we've had our tree for almost a week, but it took me a while to narrow down all the pictures into a reasonably sized blog post.)

We all piled into the red truck to go get our tree from...[drumroll, please]...

our very own tree farm!   We planted a hundred trees when we first moved to the farm as a possible home business, but realized that the timing would conflict with Daddy's work schedule, so we have untrimmed--but free--trees for all our friends and relations.  Get your tree here, mister!  Fresh Christmas trees to a good home!
We all took turns chopping the tree.
All, that is, except for John.  He decided that a nap was more important.  And by the way, isn't he beautiful?! 

Samuel, Anna, and John
Mommy and Daddy
What is your family's favorite Christmas tradition?

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Lindy Johnson said...

We like to take the entire month of December and give Jesus a CHRISTmas present! Whether it's giving cookies to the UPS man, helping the elderly, or singing CHRISTmas carols and handing out tracts to our neighbors, this time of year reminds us of slowing down to celebrate Jesus' birth. We hope that by focusing on pleasing Him the entire month of December, it will naturally follow us through the next year!