Monday, December 16, 2013

Bible Bee Recap--Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The last three days of the Bible Bee were busy as we tried to pack everything in.  Although we were sad that we didn't advance, it was nice not to be nervous. :)
Sibling rivalry, anyone? :)  No, they just happened to go at the same time.
We spent a lot of time in the Family Fun Room. The boys liked the bouncy things (although I couldn't convince them to bungee jump) and the rock climbing wall. 

At the top!
George braved the climbing wall, even after his bad experience with the BB's climbing wall in 2011, and made it all the way.  Congratulations, George!
George, Daddy, Thomas, and Samuel exploding coming out of the waterslide
We also went to the hotel's indoor waterpark, the largest one in Tennessee.  Although there were some things only for the older ones, even the little boys had fun--so much so that James still talks about the about how "the bell went 'dong, dong, dong', and then all the water fell down".
Under the "Starting Line"
Another fun thing we did at the Bee was their annual square dance.  We had heard people talk about how great it was in previous years, but I still wasn't sure about it.  However, so many people we knew seemed to enjoy it, so we went just to watch.  And we ended up dancing.  And it really was fun!  There was no romantic-type stuff; it felt more like a sport.   And dancing with literally hundreds of people was a really neat experience.
"Anna, in one of your 224 memory passages, what six words come before 'may (or let) integrity and uprightness preserve me...'?"  She got it right!
We also went to the Senior and Junior semi-final and final challenge rounds.  The Senior finals were my favorite part because I had met three of the five finalists and I knew the verses.  The girls and I were able to talk with Anna F. and her sister Heidi and we were very excited when Anna placed fifth in the nation.  Congratulations, Anna!
And that concludes my Bible Bee-related posts--at least until April, when I will start encouraging you to sign up for summer 2014. :)  I'm not going to post pictures of the going home trip for two reasons.  (1)  You really don't want to see any pictures of Daddy and Samuel with the stomach bug, of everyone else completely exhausted from being up late the night before, or of me driving down an unfamiliar piece of interstate and (2) I don't have any pictures because of aforesaid driving--for some reason I don't think my family would be completely thrilled by my multitasking.
In spite of all that, we still like the Bible Bee, so much so that we still talk constantly about this year and next.  And we're not the only family who has been bitten by the "Bible Bee bug".  Watch this video by the A. family, fellow Bible Bee nuts--You Know You're in Bible Bee When...--to see what I mean.  Disclaimer: unless you're in the Bible Bee you aren't going to get any of it; if you've been to Nationals you're going to laugh all the way through.
Like certain family members did.  I'm not naming names, but one of them started with a J and ended with an OY.
I wonder who that is...

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Rachel Irene said...

Thank you for posting pictures! Our family was planning on coming to the Nationals put due to some circumstances we weren't able to come after all. So it's nice seeing pictures from the event :)
I'm curious, where did you all place at Nationals?
God bless you!