Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Wonder

It's good to be home.  The Bible Bee was a wonderful experience--pictures to come, Lord willing--but "east, west, home's best".  Here is a small piece of what we've been up to this December.
We had our first snowfall last Friday!  (Northern friends take note: that white stuff on our roof is snow, not frost.  Hey, it was so serious that Daddy missed a day of work and the grocery store was sold out of milk, bread, and spinach dip mix.  You've got to love the South ;D.)

It's that time of year.  The mint-oreo-dipped-in-white-chocolate-with-peppermints-on-top time of year.  And we are loving it.  Peanut butter balls, pretzel with hugs, and cake balls are on the forecast.  Don't you wish you were here?

And as the grand finale--John Philip Moss, the most precious sight of the season.  He is absolutely adorable, and cute to boot.  And do you see the pacifier?!  I never thought I would see the day when a Moss would actually enjoy sucking on those things, but he seems to like it.
John's first smile for a camera!
But he's also pretty happy without it.   He has wrapped all ten of us around his tiny fingers, and we love him almost to pieces. 
We love him, and we are so glad that God has blessed our family with our little John.

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Sarah said...

Oh, John is so cute! He looks just like a Moss in that last picture. :)