Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 10: Yellowstone (whitewater rafting and a rodeo)

Wednesday (July 30th) was just as chilly as Tuesday, but we had learned the secret to warmth--hot cocoa!  As you can probably guess, we made very good use of that bit of information.  :)

We also came up with unusual ways to put on more layers.

When it finally did warm up, as it always does, Daddy took us six oldest whitewater rafting.  We had a blast!  The scenery was beautiful,  the Gallitan river was just the right level of whitewater, and our guide did a good job of getting us all wet.

After we dried off (and ate grilled cheese, spaghetti, and bison burgers--thank you, Daddy and Mommy!) we went to a rodeo.

My favorite part of the rodeo was the calf chase.  All the children warmed up (by rolling in the dirt--good thing our boys were already nice and dirty from camping) and they had to chase a calf around the ring.  The winner was the one who grabbed the ribbon tied to the calf's tail.

The boys ran and ran and we laughed and laughed.  It was hilarious!  Thomas (in orange) was close behind the calf, but was too apprehensive about  the calf to grab the ribbon, while William and James were content to tire themselves out in the rear of the stampede.

George and Samuel competed in the older category, but they weren't quite as funny; I guess it's because they knew what they were doing.  Also, we watch them chase goats quite frequently at home, so it wasn't very unusual to watch them tearing around after a calf.  :)

We enjoyed watching the tricks that the cowboys and cowgirls did.

Samuel and William

John, Anna, and Samuel

James was quite as entertaining as the rodeo--perhaps more so.  As the only outgoing Moss, he keeps us in stitches as he does things the rest of us shy Mosses would never dream of doing, except in nightmares.

The only bear we had seen at Yellowstone--our "little bear cub" John.  We all really wanted to see at least one before we left Yellowstone, and we had only one day left.  Pressure was on.

Check back to see if we ever saw our bears!

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