Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 12: Visiting the Wards

On Friday (August 1st), we got to spend the night in Nampa, ID with our dear friends, the Ward family.  From grad school to church to near neighbors to coworkers we've been together from way back--even before I was born.  We used to see each other frequently, but then we moved to Tennessee to be near family and they moved to Idaho to be missionaries for MAF.   It was so refreshing to catch up with them and see what the Lord was doing in their lives!

The boys loved the Wards' spacious backyard, especially their tree and swing set.  After weeks of playing in campgrounds it was nice to have a real yard again.

Samuel, Thomas, and Sarah

This was our first time to meet sweet Daniel, but I feel like we already knew him because he looks just like his brothers and sisters!

I loved sitting around the table and catching up with Jenny and Grace about all that has been going on in their lives the past three years.  Not to mention that the food was delicious!  The Wards have been a big influence on our health food journey and it felt like home to be eating haystacks, whole wheat bread, and honey-sweetened desserts.

Badminton in the backyard

It was so good to see Grace again.  From writing to church to siblings borrowing tooth brushes, our conversations are never boring!

James must be missing the couch at home, because he fell asleep in the middle of everything and everyone, and nothing could wake him!

Mommy and Daddy, Mr. and Mrs. Ward--friends for twenty years.

And all their combined children, minus two.  We missed Tyler and Jonathan by a day, as they were in Alaska.  Maybe we could photoshop them in...or bring them back in a private jet.  :)  Or maybe the Wards could just come visit us sometime!

We'll miss you, Wards!  Thank you for everything--the warm beds, the delicious food, and your friendship.

Until we meet again!

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Grace Ward said...

Aw... that is so sweet and we loved catching up with you all too. We're defiantly stalking your BlogSpot!!! so keep it up.
Love you all

Grace Ward said...

friends, family

The Moss Family said...

Thank you, Grace! We all loved our time with you; James has asked multiple times if we can stop back by on our way through. :). Unfortunately, we won't be anywhere near you...sigh.