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Day 23: Wall Drug and Sioux Falls

Tuesday, August 12

Day twenty-three, the last full day!  We filled up at the hotel breakfast ('cause some of us could eat forever on that kind of food--muffins that are really cupcakes and decaf coffee, here we come!) and hit the road. 

We look tired.  Our van looks messy.  I wonder why.

After driving past many, many signs for it along the road, we stopped at Wall Drug to buy a few souvenirs, stretch our legs, and--of course--to get some of the free ice water for which Wall Drug is famous.

Delie, William, Thomas, and Samuel in one of the many shops at Wall Drug.  We were spread out all over the plain; I still can't believe we didn't leave someone there.  :)

The boys enjoyed the "people" playing bluegrass instruments.  I love the way the way Samuel is talking and imitating them--typical Samuel.

John's first high five :)
We were thrilled to spend a few hours with our good friend Betsy.  She's been to our house multiple times, both as Daddy's student (we have all his classes out to the farm) and as a member of our church body.  When she graduated and moved back home we didn't know when we would see her again. :(  But then we had our big trip and went right through her city!  We met her at a park for a couple of hours of fellowship. 

John was happy to be out of his car seat for a little while.

And so were William and Samuel.

Come to think of it, we were all glad to take a break from the van.  It's a nice van, works great, but you just get a little weary of sitting in it after hours and hours and hours.

Keep calm and swing on--even if all your brothers run off and leave you hanging. :)

We were able to see several hot air balloons, including this one that took off from the park.  Several of us were trying (unsuccessfully) not to covet their ride.  Imagine seeing the west from an aerial view!  Although I guess we would have a hard time finding something big enough for all of us. :)

We gathered with Betsy for one last picture before we parted ways again.  I'm going to miss her, her calm spirit, and her way of empathizing with everyone.  We love you, Betsy!

Next up: The best place in all America!

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