Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 18: Bible Bee Hive Meeting

On August 7th, we went to the McMinnville Hive Bible Bee meeting. We had met the Cooksey family at the National Bible Bee, so we were excited to get to see them again and come to their Bible Bee meeting.     

The Cookseys had us over for supper before the Bible Bee meeting. 
We really enjoyed getting to visit with them and talk about Jonah, the changes to the contest, and all things Bible Bee :).                                                                    

Eating supper and talking.

After supper, we went across the street to their church for the Bible Bee meeting. 
Once the Opening Ceremony was over, the children split up into two groups.
Half went to play Bible Bee games and the other half went to be tested on verses. 
We really appreciated the chance to recite our verses to someone.

The games were very fun! First, four people (one from each team) came up to answer a question.
The first one to answer the question correctly got to answer a new question (or recite a verse) by playing some sort of game. 

This was the most popular choice. After answering the question, you shot a water gun at the choice that was correct (A, B, C, D,). I was such a bad aim that I shot A, B, and C (meaning to hit B).
 Like I said, the games were a bunch of fun!                                                                                           

When we were done playing games and reciting verses, some people played volleyball... 

...while others talked.
We really enjoyed the meeting!



Helen C. said...

I love all my precious cousins! Joy, Delie, and Anna, I particularly love that last picture of the three of you (standing with a couple of other girls). You all three are so beautiful and exude an extra special radiance in that pic! Have not had a chance to read all about your incredible trip yet due to some things going on here, but I am beyond exciting about reading every little detail and looking at the pictures as well. Thank you for sharing your fabulous journey with us; thanks be to God you made it there and back safely. What a wonderful experience for one of the most precious families I know!

The Moss Family said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Cousin Helen!