Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 16: Olympic (Lake Crescent and waterfalls)

Tuesday was our last day in Olympic and we wanted to make the most of it.   So we went to the water.  Tennessee is beautiful in its own way, but our end of it runs rather short in the waterfall and lake department.

Olympic has no shortage of waterfalls, however, and each is more beautiful than the last.

Mesmerized...we had a difficult time getting his attention when it was time to walk back to the van.

Who would want to leave such a beautiful spot?

But we finally tore ourselves away for a picnic by an even more beautifuller--double modifiers welcome here--place, Lake Crescent.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe that a truly beautiful one is worth a million...maybe more.

We had originally planned to swim, but as soon as most of us so much as stuck our big toe in we changed our minds.  Wading--that is, barely going past our ankles--was the water sport of choice for most of us.  We're so tough.  Not.

John was brave and put his feet in--and then had fun kicking water at his not-so-hardy sisters.  I think he was trying to show us how fun it was, but the plan backfired when he fired on us. :)

James on the pier

A super-size grin from a super-fun boy.

Daddy did a good job as life guard, although I think he was glad that he never had to brave the frigid waters to rescue someone.  :)

James and William (or William and James, I'm not sure; see what I mean about their passing for twins).

William on the pier, Thomas on the ladder, and Samuel trying to get into the water, according to their various levels of adventure.

And according to my desire of adventure (and even more, my dislike of frozen clothes) I stayed comfortably on shore with Mommy, John, and the girls.

Samuel went so far as to go under!  Yay, Samuel!

After the boys dried off we went to one last waterfall.  This one was very thin, but so tall that we weren't able to get a full picture of it.  So we got George instead; he's as good-looking as a waterfall, and much more exciting.  :)

Thomas, Samuel, and William

And that is the end of our camping days.  We had a wonderful time in Washington, but we were looking forward to a Portland, the land of washing machines and real beds.  Check back for pictures of our new abode (hint: it was not a tent or the parking lot of a rest area or a hotel room, all of which we have done on our trip). 
Check back soon for pictures!

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