Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 9: Yellowstone (Mammoth Hot Springs and a waterfall )

Our first morning at Yellowstone dawned cold and chilly and freezing.  After camping in Utah where the temperatures were nothing if not hot we were in for quite a change.  :)   We discovered interesting items of information; for example, the bathhouse is a warm spot if you have the hand dryer going, and sweatshirts are more important than, well, a lot of things. 

We also discovered that a smile helps everything!

Especially if you are nine months old and have (adorable) fang teeth.  Footed pajamas don't hurt either.

The view from our tent was beautiful in the mist...

...and the neighbor (a solitary bison) was friendly, although too close for the comfort of some.  :)

After it warmed up and we thawed out we drove to Mammoth Hot Springs.  The springs might be hot, but the mountains sure look cold.  We should be thankful; we didn't wake up with snow on our backs.

Mammoth was pretty interesting.  It didn't really look like the pictures of it, but it was spectacular in its own way.

We took a walk to a waterfall--Yellowstone has no shortage of falls--after lunch.

Peekaboo Johnnycake


James and Daddy

Our destination!

And now we're halfway  through the Yellowstone blog posts.  Stay tuned for installment #10!

Posted by Joy


seven said...

My children and I are just loving all the wonderful pictures!

We would love to visit Yellowstone. I have always heard that there are lots of people, but I never imagined THAT many (the picture of you all waiting for Old Faithful). WOW!

Looks like you guys are having a wonderful trip.

The Moss Family said...

I'm glad you're enjoying all the pictures! You really should visit Yellowstone sometime if you get the chance; it's amazing. And yes, there are a LOT of people there. Our favorite parts of the park were the places that didn't have hundreds of other people. :)