Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 21: Valley Baptist Church

On our way out of town on Sunday (August 10), we worshiped at the Cooksey's church, Valley Baptist.  It was so good to be with a church again after being away from our own dear church family for three weeks.  It was also good to see the Cooksey family one last time before we headed back home (if you're ever coming our way, please come visit us!).

After church everyone ate lunch at the park.  We were all VERY glad to let the boys get one last chance to run around before we hit the road again.

Five hours, we are not still at the same park.  We drove for a long time and stopped somewhere for Subway and playtime.  By this point I really didn't care where we were, so I have no idea what state this was.  :) 

We planned to drive through the night to Mount Rushmore, a total of about 15 more driving hours (plus however many hours it takes us for stops).  So check back for pictures from Mount Rushmore, 'cause--guess what--we survived the long drive without any mishaps!

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