Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 22: Mount Rushmore

Monday, August 11, 2014

After driving all night (and most of the next day) we finally reached our destination--Mount Rushmore!

The monument was very well designed and patriotic.  We walked between rows of all the state flags to get down closer to the faces.

Johnnycake is posing to be the next face on the mountain--all in favor say, "Aye"


Our last stand-in-front-of-official-landmark-and-smile picture of the trip. 

Samuel, one of our (several) history buffs.  He likes reading about all the presidents, but his top favorite is Theodore Roosevelt.

We got to Mount Rushmore just in time to watch a thirty minute movie about Mount Rushmore.   It was very informative--without being boring--and we all really enjoyed it.  At the end of the movie they invited all the veterans up to the stage; I wanted to cry as I watched a little boy push his grandfather's wheelchair up to the stage.

As we watched, the sky grew darker and the spotlights turned on.

It was a beautiful sight!


After we left Mount Rushmore (and invaded a local DQ/Subway until they closed) we collapsed in a hotel, where we slept wonderfully, but not nearly enough :).  Check back for pictures of our last day of the trip, including souvenir shopping, visiting with a dear friend, and a very intriguing mode of transportation.

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