Saturday, August 9, 2014

Day 13: The Oregon Trail Museum

A couple of different people had told us about the Oregon Trail Museum in Baker City, Oregon, so after we left the Wards' home we took a short detour to go see it.  And it was so worth the time (although it wasn't quite as short as we had planned :) ).  Both hands-on and informative, the museum was perfect for all the different ages in our family.

Anna and William, the exhausted pioneers. :)

James and William liked the part about children on the Oregon Trail.

At the end of the gallery they had huge windows where you could look at the Trail as it goes past the hill.  The view was magnificent.

Let's see, so we would need a 1/2 ton of many wagons would that fill?

We all really enjoyed a "packing the wagon" puzzle.  Deciding what to take, what to leave behind, and how to fit it all in was challenging and fun!

Friendly discussion/tough decisions:

"I think we should take the books"
"Let's  leave the beds behind"
"We can't do without the salt!  Or the books.  Or the..."

The only bison that the boys were allowed to touch the entire trip.  :)

One of our favorite exhibits, camping through history.

Delie the backpacker

Outside the museum, there was a ring of covered wagons.  Although most of them were replicas, this one was made around the time of the Oregon Trail.

Our wagoners, James and William.  They can out drive, out shoot, and out talk any man on the plains.

Thomas and Anna

The pioneer women

Several of us climbed down to the binoculars to get a good look at the original wagon ruts.  It was like stepping back in time.

No words needed; this quote sums up the Oregon Trail, and, in a small way, our trip.  Whether you go by wagon or van, a camping trip to Oregon is not for the faint of heart--but if you love adventure and wide open spaces I heartily recommend it!

Coming up next on our Oregon Trail: the Olympic Peninsula!

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The Moores said...

We're glad y'all are having a good time! We continue to pray for your safety.
We're glad you got to visit the Wards! They've grown so much. We've all been wondering why Tyler and Jonathan are in Alaska???

Love y'all and miss you bunches,

The Moss Family said...

Thank you for your prayers. We were talking about you tonight as we were eating supper at 9:30. :) We miss you all! Btw, Tyler and Jonathan were in Alaska with their grandmother. She took the girls to France earlier this year and now it's the boys' turn.