Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We're home!

Hi, everyone (all two of you that read our blog, that is :) ).  I'm just dropping in to say that we finally reached home sweet home around noon today.  Everyone is safe, sound, and exhausted, but ready to hit the ground running after a nice long nap.  I plan to blog again in the near future with pictures from the rest of our trip, but now I think I'm going to curl up in my long-missed bed and sleep the night away as only an exhausted teenager can.  

So don't expect me to be fully conscious before 3 p.m. tomorrow.  Just kidding...I think.



The Moores said...

We're glad y'all are home safe and sound! I'm sure you all have been very busy since you got home. I hope you are all rested up now! ;)

Love you all!

The Moss Family said...

Thank you, Moores (and thank you for your letter!). We love you too!

Barry Poff said...

Hello Moss Family! We enjoyed reading about your trip and glad to hear that all went well. Looks like you made some beautiful memories.
Love ya,
The Poff Family

Sarah said...

We really enjoyed all the posts from your trip. Family vacations are such great memory makers! We miss y'all - it's terrible that we live so close and don't see you more often!

The Moss Family said...

@Barry Poff: Glad you enjoyed reading about the trip! We would love to see you any time you're in our neck of the woods.

@Sarah: I'm so glad you liked the blog. It really is too bad that we can't see each other more often!